DIY Bunting and Button Canvas

Mother's Day Button Canvas
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I always love to make my Mum something special. I am obsessed with all things pastel and hearts at the moment and set about making an easy-to-make bunting and button canvas.

DIY Bunting and Button Canvas

Allow : One hour 30 minutes

Skill level : Beginner

What You Need

How to Make

  1. Start by drawing out a faint heart shape in the centre of your canvas.
  2. Completely cover the heart with buttons making sure to place buttons over the pencil line of the heart (this will help to disguise it).
  3. For extra decoration I threaded some twine through the holes of one of the largest buttons and tied a bow on the front.
  4. Once happy with the arrangement of the buttons start to glue in place one at  a time.
  5. Whilst the buttons are ‘setting’ cut out your triangles for the word bunting that will run along the top of your canvas. Tip; use the canvas as a guide as to how big you should make the triangles, and how long to cut the length of twine.
  6. Using adhesive letters, spell out your greeting. Alternatively you could hand-write this on.
  7. Attach each triangle to the length of twine using an adhesive (again I used my hot melt glue gun), tying a bow at each end.
  8. Secure the bunting in place using a small blob of glue under the central point of each bow at either end.
  9. Leave to dry and admire your beautiful bunting and button canvas!
Bunting and Button Canvas

Bunting and Button Canvas

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