Mothers Day Bouquet Card

Mother's Day Bouquet Card

Who wouldn’t love to receive such a lovely bunch of flowers? This simple Mothers Day bouquet card features pre-cut paper blossoms and a wavy ribbon bow.

Mothers Day Bouquet Card

Time to allow: 30 minutes
Skill level: beginner

What you need:

How To Make

  1. Select a beautiful sheet of backing paper.
  2. Apply two strips of double sided tape towards the top and bottom of the paper. One should be much longer than the other.
  3. Cut 5 short pieces of twine, approximately 10 – 12 cm each.
  4. Peel back the double sided tape and stick the twine down across it, arranging them outwards in a fan-like pattern.
  5. Start to add the paper flowers by pressing them down along the line of exposed tape, in between the ends of the twine.
  6. Add more flowers above and below, using glue dots to secure them. To complete the bouquet, tie a bow out of Ric Rac Ribbon, to cover the lower end of the twine.
  7. Finish off the design by adding a tag-style topper, with a written message of your choice. Finally, attach the whole piece to a card blank using double sided tape.


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