Fashion Student Allie Davies

Meet a Maker! Allie Davies #MeetAMaker
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Meet Allie Davies,  a 19 year-old Fashion Promotion student at Manchester Metropolitan University and personal style super-blogger.  She says of her blog, Tie, Dye, Eyes, that it’s “my passions scrawled across the internet for everybody else to see”. Alongside her blogging commitments, Allie crafts almost every day – as well as juggling her coursework and attending lectures. She lives and breathes fashion and loves incorporating crafty elements into the clothes and accessories she makes. From the time she was small, Allie’s mother taught her everything about sewing and is still her biggest source of inspiration.

One day during a boring summer holiday Allie decided to start her blog, which is aptly named after her unique multicoloured eyes, technically called heterochromia iridum. She is a vegetarian and an eternal optimist, Allie admits “I quote mean girls more than anyone should and I’m a smidge obsessed with America, as is made obvious on my tumblr. I’m an only child but count my best friend Beth as my sister – we have a mutual love for Blink-182, going to festivals and wanting to travel the world.”

You can find out more about what Allie gets up to on her blog, Tie, Dye, Eyes, through InstagramOr here on the Hobbycraft blog!…

Meet a Maker! Allie Davies

Tell us a bit about your crafting passions.

My mum is a very creative person, and has been teaching me crafty things since I was young including sewing, baking and even a phase of card making, so I like to do a lot of projects with her. My favourite crafts are fashion related, so making garments from scratch or upcycling an old jacket to keep up with new trends. We share our ideas and I learn along the way.

How did you come up with the concept for Tie Dye Eyes?

During a boring summer holiday, I began reading fashion blogs (as well as the many, many magazines I have piled high) and thought I’d give it a go. I started with an outfit post which to this day remains the main concept of my blog, and I began sharing DIY tutorials and wishlists. It’s basically my passions scrawled across the internet for everybody else to see.

There are many fashion blogs out there. Why is yours different?

In all honesty, I don’t know! I just try to be myself, and as I’m unique, hopefully my blog is too. I don’t follow trends religiously and I have a very eclectic style. I try not to take myself too seriously.

What is the best piece of crafting advice that you’ve ever been given?

(When making garments) “Always make it on the larger side, it’s easier to take in than it is to expand.” Simple but true!

Allie Says…

Pastels are going to be huge (again) for 2015, with slight hints of iridescence, so anything that looks like it belongs to a mermaid. Bring on the sequins!

As a fashion student and blogger, what does a typical week look like for you?

Very busy! I’m in lectures three days a week, so during my commute I’ll be keeping up with social media, reading magazines and sketching ideas for projects. During my days off (there’s no such thing really) I’ll be blogging, crafting, working on fashion campaigns, becoming addicted to Pinterest and styling outfits. On weekends I also volunteer in a charity shop, so it’s pretty much fashion 24/7!

Where do you usually make your projects? Give us a tour!

I do most of my projects in my room, so either sat on my bed or kneeling on the floor, but when a sewing machine is involved I get to take over the dining room, so everyone else has to move out!

Meet a Maker! Allie Davies #MeetAMaker

What’s always in your craft stash?

A decent pair of fabric scissors, needles, pins which I’m always losing, good quality thread, tape measure, washi tape, way too much card and pom-poms.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My mum is my biggest inspiration, she is the queen of maxi skirts. I always go to her for advice. But I also get a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers, tumblr and streetstyle.

Share your biggest crafting achievement.

Probably my year 11 prom dress. It was a joint effort with my mum, but I designed it; a simple, 50s inspired red satin prom dress with black tulle underneath and a big black waistband. It’s timeless, and I felt like such a princess.

Meet a Maker! Allie Davies #MeetAMaker

What are your favourite fashion and craft trends for winter 2014?

I am all about the 70s this season; fedoras, flares, faux fur, bell sleeves, all of it. I’ve been looking to Jerry Hall and old pictures of my mum for inspiration. I’m planning to make a few pairs of flared trousers, maybe even a flared suit! Also, a fluffy clutch bag is high on my list.

Meet a Maker! Allie Davies #MeetAMaker

Any hot tips for 2015?

Pastels are going to be huge (again) for 2015, with slight hints of iridescence, so anything that looks like it belongs to a mermaid. Bring on the sequins!

You’re now blogging for Hobbycraft too! What kind of thing can our readers’ expect?

I can’t wait to share my ideas with everyone! Well as you may have guessed my crafts are usually very fashion-orientated, but I try to keep my tutorials simple enough for beginners as well as experienced sewers. I’ll also be thinking of quick and easy ways to update tired pieces in your wardrobe which will make them sassy and unique.

And for the future? What’s next for you?

More blogging, more pinning and more outfit planning. And lots of coffee.

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