May Make of the Month Winners

Congratulations to Sarah Lucy Baker!

In May we had 173 entries for the Hobbycraft Make of the Month Competition! Thank you for all of the amazing projects that we received.

Stephanie Weightman

Stephanie Weightman

Sarah Lucy Baker was our deserved May Make of the Month winner with her beautiful strawberry necklace. Celebrity crafter and guest judge, Stephanie Weightman, commented :

‘I absolutely love this strawberry necklace! I have always loved paper jewellery. When it is finished with varnish, it looks really beautiful and can be very hard wearing. I have never seen it made into strawberries, so this is definitely a one off unique piece!’

Here’s what the winner told us about their make :

‘Well, its strawberry season; seeing them everywhere around has left them on my brain! I really love the bright, juicy colours and really wanted to make myself something that will compliment all the red in my wardrobe! I made this strawberry necklace from scratch; the hand painted beads are made from rolled recycled paper and finished with varnish. A little bit of jewellery wire and ribbon later and I have a necklace that I am 100% certain nobody else will have!’

 May Make of the Month Winners 2014

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