How to Make a Polar Bear Puppet

How to Make a Polar Bear Puppet #summeroffun #polarbear

Cool down with this super cute polar bear puppet, the perfect summer holiday boredom buster. Don’t just stop at making a polar bear puppet, let you imagination run wild, why not try creating a parrot, tiger, rabbit and spider puppets? You’ll have enough to open your own puppet zoo in no time! Let’s get making! . . .

How to Make a Polar Bear Puppet

Time to make : 30 minutes plus drying time

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need

 How to Make

  1. Cut out a circle from the white felt sheet to make the head.
  2. Stick this to a white plastic cup using tacky glue.
  3. Cut out arms and ears from white foam and stick to the body (the white cup) and the head.
  4. Using white and black felt, cut out a nose and mouth and attach with glue.
  5. Draw on a mouth with the black pen.
  6. Attach wiggly eyes with glue.

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