How to Make a Perfect Panda

How to Make a perfect Panda #panda

This super easy perfect panda plate is great for keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day, and best part is it won’t cost an arm and a leg to make.

With a few key crafting essentials (a paper plate, a few foam sheets, some wiggly eyes and an adhesive) you’ll be crafting away in no time. Why not put those creative skills to the test and make some other animal friends to keep your panda company, the sky really is the limit! Let’s get making!

How to Make a Perfect Panda

Time to make: 30 minutes, plus drying time

Suitable for: Beginners

What you’ll need

How to make

  1. Cut and glue black shapes for the eyes, ears and nose.
  2. Cut two white circles for eyes, glue onto the black circles, followed by the wiggly eyes.
  3. Glue everything to the paper plate to make a face.
  4. Draw on a mouth to complete your panda – with as big a smile as you like!

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