How to Make a Merry Christmas Mache Greeting


Welcome your guests with a glittery seasonal greeting! It’s so simple to make and great fun to get the little ones involved with. Go for classic gold glitter like we have or jazz it up with a brighter colour if you’d prefer- the choice is yours.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Paint both the ‘Merry’ and ‘Christmas’ signs all over with the paint, making sure you get all the fiddly bits. It can take a little while to get inside all the letters so take your time. When they are dry give them a second coat – this will give them a more even finish.

How to Make a Merry Christmas Mache Greeting #christmas #mache #HomeDecor #HomeCraft

2. When the paint has dried, coat the front of your signs with PVA glue. Try to keep a nice even coat, but also make sure it isn’t too thin. You want to get a nice full coat of glitter on there!

Top Tip! Make sure the glue goes right to the edges so it covers the front completely.

3. When you’ve coated your sign with PVA, sprinkle the gold glitter all over the top! Leave it for a few minutes and then lift your sign and tap off the leftover glitter.

How to Make a Merry Christmas Mache Greeting #christmas #mache #HomeDecor #HomeCraft

Top Tip! When applying the glue, do one sign at a time so the glue doesn’t dry while you’re still applying it!

4. If you find there are any patches without glitter, wait for it to completely dry then apply some glue to the bare patches and add extra glitter.

How to Make a Merry Christmas Mache Greeting #christmas #mache #HomeDecor #HomeCraft

5. Leave to dry, and then you’re finished!

How to Make a Merry Christmas Mache Greeting #christmas #mache #HomeDecor #HomeCraft

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  • Sven Jefferson

    The sign looks awesome and I still can’t believe that it’s so easy to make one. Even a monkey will handle it, haha. Anyway, nice guide and thanks for the tip.

  • Raj Saini

    Wow, this is the great & easy way to create Merry Christmas Greetings. Thanks for this awesome tips.

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