How to Make a Creative Crab Visor

How to Make a Creative Crab Visor #kidscraft #crab

The summer holidays have well and truly started, and it doesn’t look like the glorious sunny weather is going anywhere for the time being, so why not make this fab crab foam visor?

Made using core craft components, it’s really quick and easy to make, and will protect little ones eyes and faces from the sun. Let’s get making! . . .

How to Make a Creative Crab Visor

Time to allow : 30 minutes + drying time

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need

 How to Make

  1.  Using a foam sheet, cut two pincer shapes.
  2. To make the legs, cut ten chenille stems in half and curl in the ends to hide sharp edges.
  3. Glue two stems at the top of the visor to make the eye stalks and add eyes to the ends.
  4. Glue pincers to two legs, then stick all ten legs to the visor with the pincers at the front.
  5. Bend all the pipe cleaners to look more ‘leggy’ and bend the eye stalks.

How to Make a Creative Crab Visor #kidscraft #crab


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