How to Make an Advent House


All things Christmas need a bit of glitter and this beautifully decorated advent house has plenty!

It’s a great project to get you ready for the big day and will fit perfectly into a festive winter wonderland. Once finished, you can fill your house with whatever sweets and treats you fancy, and it can be stored away to use for years to come!

Project with thanks to Debbie Thorne


You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint the entire house using white paint, then add colour accents to the drawer fronts and chimney as required using the remaining colours.

How to Make an Advent House #Christmas #advent

Top Tip!

Leave the drawers open to do this so that they don’t stick.

2. Use PVA to apply gold glitter to a few of the remaining drawer fronts, and then leave to dry.

How to Make an Advent House #Christmas #advent

3. Glue the wooden snowflakes, luggage tag and numbers in place and leave to dry flat.

How to Make an Advent House #Christmas #advent

4. Glue lengths of gold ribbon to the roof and chimney edges.

How to Make an Advent House #Christmas #advent

How to Make an Advent House #Christmas #advent

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  • charlotte

    hi i was wondering what brush i need for paint :)

  • Debbie

    are there any other ideas to decorate the advent house please

  • Debbie

    this is my first time on here and first time decorating or making anything

  • Stephanie RBM

    Just finished mine!!

  • Stephanie RBM


  • Helen Stuart

    All done just in time on 30 Nov 2015!

  • Helen Stuart

    My advent house.

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