Kirstie Allsopp Fabric Notebook Kit : Review

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This Kirstie Allsopp Fabric Notebook Kit is great for both sewers and for those who want to cover their notebook with a super quick make-over – as there are two ways of doing this kit. You can either glue the fabric onto your notebook (the downside being that you won’t be able to reuse it) or you can make a stitched reusable cover, which you can use time and again.

The kit comes with four fabrics to choose from, which is great as you can have a lovely set of notebook covers that all compliment each other nicely.

As with the other Kirstie Allsopp kits, it comes with a handy information leaflet on how to make up the cover and some inspirational imagery for how to personalise it; I opted for some buttons and a ribbon bookmark.

Kirstie Allsopp Fabric Notebook Kit

In the Box

  • Printed fabric panel – you can make four covers in total
  • A5 notebook
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread

You’ll Also Need

Notebook Covering

  1. To make my Kirstie Allsopp fabric covered notebook I first covered the fabric in spray starch and then ironed it (this makes the fabric a bit stiffer).
  2. I then hemmed all of the edges, first making a five mllimetre fold and ironing in place, and then a ten mllimetre fold and ironing and pinning it in place. I then checked that the piece of fabric was the required 22 centimetre in height using a tape measure; I started by doing the long side edges first and then stitching them in place followed by the shorter side edges.
  3. Next, I wrapped the fabric centrally around the notebook to check the fit, making a light mark on the inside of the cover with a chalk pencil where the sides needed to be folded to wrap around the notebook. I then pinned these in place, and using a contrasting cotton thread stitched all the way along the top and bottom of the cover, thus creating pockets for the notebook to inserted into.
  4. I decorated the front of my notebook with some of my own buttons, and used the ribbon included to make a bookmark.

The notebook looks so pretty that I now don’t want to write in it! Although the fact that the cover is removable makes it a little bit better. Next on my crafting journey, apron making . . .

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