How to Make Flapjack

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Whenever Father’s Day comes around I always make my Dad a flapjack, it is one of his favourite treats.

As I bake this flapjack more and more I find that I am constantly adapting the recipe, maybe adding more golden syrup for a slightly stickier, gooier end result, or adding more dried fruit (my Dad loves glace cherries!). Recently I made one with sunflower and pumpkin seeds on the top after seeing something similar in a local bakery, and it went down a treat!

When it comes to what to use in your flapjack I have found dried fruits work best as well as nuts and seeds, or for a more indulgent treat you could add chucks of chocolate.

For this years Father’s Day flapjack I decided to incorporate dried cranberries, and here’s how I made it . . .

How to Make Flapjack

Skill level: Beginner

Allow: 30 minutes prep and 20 minutes baking time

You will need


  • 240 grams of Margarine or Butter
  • 170 grams of Golden syrup
  • 240 grams of Rolled oats
  • 50 grams of Plain flour
  • One tablespoon of Cinnamon
  • 75 grams of Sultanas
  • Three teaspoons of Sesame seeds
  • Glace cherries – as many as you like
  • Dried cranberries – as many as you like

How to Make

Hints and tips

  • The flap jack will smell delicious when it comes out of the oven, but try to resist getting it out of the tin until it is completely cold as it will still be quite fragile.
  • If the flapjack comes out of the tin and you find it’s a little bit under cooked and crumbly it can still be used. Keep it in an air tight container and sprinkle on top of yogurt or ice cream.
  • Why not beautifully package your flap jack by wrapping it in some grease proof paper and securing with some twine, finishing off with a personalised tag.

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