How to Make Felt Patches

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

Hello! It’s Allie from tie-dye-eyes and today I’ll be showing you how to make these cute and kitsch felt patches with your own designs. These can be added to denim jackets, canvas tote bags or even denim shorts, whatever you fancy! The ‘rough around the edges’ style of embroidery means this tutorial is suitable for most ages, and is especially popular with teenagers on tumblr blogs with cute and catchy slogans.

How to Make Felt Patches

Suitable for all ages, with supervision!

Time to make : approximately 25 minutes per patch

 You Will Need

How to Make

Step One

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

Draw your shapes onto the felt sheets, they could be hearts, stars, circles or squares, and cut out. Layering shapes looks great too! Remember they will have to be big enough to fit a slogan and embellishments.

 Step Two

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

If you are layering shapes, use the hot glue gun to attach the layers. As the shapes are quite small, you don’t want too much thread on show other than for decoration.

 Step Three

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

Draw your cute and kitsch slogan onto the felt but keep it short, catchy and personal. I’ve used ‘optimist’, ‘wannabe Olsen’ and the name of my blog, ‘tie-dye-eyes’. Once you’re happy, start embroidering your slogan. Don’t worry about it being perfect, the imperfections keep it kitsch.

 Step Four

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

How to Make Felt Patches #kitsch #fashion #needlecraft

To decorate your patches you could add sequins or additional extras like googley eyes or gems using the hot glue gun to add a bit of fun. I’ve also embroidered small little hearts just by creating a simple ‘V’ shape as well as making a blanket stitch around the edge. Once you’ve added your decorations, you have cute, personalised kitsch felt patches!

For more fun tutorials or styling ideas, take a look at my blog Tie-dye-eyes and find me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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