How to Make an Owl Keyring

How to Make an Owl Keyring #Owl #Keyring

Have a hoot with this how to make an owl keyring. With owls and birds continuing to be a trend this year, what better than to mix them up with a few quick tassels – to make an item of jewellery that’s really en vogue? This little FIMO handbag charm is super sweet – and super easy to make.

Suitable for : Intermediates

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Grease proof paper
  • Drinking straw
  • Rolling pin
How to Make
  • Working on the grease proof paper, roll half a block of caramel-coloured FIMO with a rolling pin until it is approximately 3 mm thick.
  • Roll pieces of the remaining colours and use the craft knife to cut the shapes and arrange them on top as shown.
  • Cut around the entire piece leaving a 5 mm gap, then punch a hanging hole with a straw.
  • Bake as per the pack instructions on the grease proof sheet.
  • Prepare the key ring. Attach jump rings to two lengths of chain and add to the swivel ring.
  • Cut six lengths of suede. Make a tassel by closing a crimp around three lengths and repeat to make two tassels.
  • Attach tassels to swivel clip with jump rings.
  • Once cooled, attach the owl to a short length of chain with a jump ring at each end and add to swivel ring.

How to Make an Owl Keyring #Owl #Keyring

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