How to Make an Embroidered Wreath

How to Make an Embroidered Wreath #christmas #embroidery #wreath

Want a Christmas wreath that’s a little bit different? Have a go at making an embroidered one. With an easy template to copy directly onto the fabric, you can’t go too far wrong – the best thing about embroidery is that you can unpick it if it goes a little wrong!

How to by Debbie Thorne

How to Make an Embroidered Wreath

Allow : Three to four hours

Skill level : Intermediate

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut a circle of Evenweave approximately 12″ (30 cm) in diameter. Use an iron to remove any creases.
  2. Fit centrally within the hoop and tighten the screw.
  3. Transfer the design from the template (see below) to the thin paper and tape to the fabric centrally.
  4. Stitch directly through the paper in the following order: thread, ribbon then beads. We used a simple straight stitch.
  5. Carefully tear away the paper trying not to pull the threads.
  6. To finish, sew an even running stitch around the edge of the Evenweave and pull the threads to gather them neatly on the back of the hoop. Tie or knot the ends.
Top Tip!…
How to Make an Embroidered Wreath #christmas #embroidery #wreath

Template – adjust to fit your hoop

How to Make an Embroidered Wreath #christmas #embroidery #wreath

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