How to Make a Sweet Tree

Sweet Tree

An easy way to decorate your wedding tables, the Sweet Tree also adds a fun element to your Wedding Day. It will also keep your guests entertained, especially if they’re feeling a little peckish!

How to Make a Sweet Tree

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : Two hours and 30 minutes (including drying time)

What you need

How to Make

  1. Chose the Oasis size ball you require.
  2. In your chosen bucket, centrally set the dowel using Plaster of Paris – making sure it’s straight (this will take around an hour to dry).
  3. Using a small piece of tape, stick your ribbon to the base of the dowel and wrap around until completely covered. Use a small piece of tape at the top to hold the ribbon in place.How to Make a Sweet Tree
  4. Scrunch tissue paper into the bucket to hide the Plaster of Paris.
  5. Pierce the Oasis ball with the dowel and slide on, making sure that the dowling isn’t poking out of the top of the Oasis.
  6. Use cocktail sticks to attach your chosen sweets, inserting them all the way round the ball to create a nice pattern.How to Make a Sweet Tree
  7. Finish off your Sweet Tree by decorating the bucket with pretty ribbon.

How to Make a Sweet Tree

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