How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree

How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone

Make the most of nature’s resources this winter by finding yourself some pine cones and having a go at this fun mini pinecone tree. A great make to have a go at with children, it’s easy enough for them to complete in an afternoon and pretty enough to display all season long!

Skill level : Beginner
Allow : 30 minutes, plus drying time

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Cinnamon Scented Green Leaf Pinecones
  • Paint Brush
How to Make
  1. Start with the decoupage flowerpot base, if you’ve never done it before this is the easiest and most satisfying craft ever. Tear the decoupage paper into small workable pieces.
  2. Apply glue to the Mache Pot, stick on a piece of paper, cover paper in glue.
    How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone
  3. Repeat until the pot is covered and leave to dry.
    Top Tip! . . . I found a glue stick was perfect to pop the wet decoupage flower pot onto to dry.
  4. Whilst the pot is dry paint the tips of the pinecone with glue and give a generous coating of glitter, tap off residual glitter and leave to dry.
    How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone
  5. When the glitter is dry glue mini buttons onto the pine cone as if they were baubles.
    How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone
    Top Tip! . . . I continued to use the decoupage glue to stick down the buttons as it dries completely clear so you can be really generous with the glue and not worry about it spoiling the finished look. Use the other end of your paintbrush to help position the tiny buttons.
  6. When everything is dry place modelling clay in the base of the flower pot to weight it then with a generous application of glue on the base of the pine cone and top of the flower pot attach the pinecone to the pot.
    How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone
  7. When dry you are left with a beautiful scented mini Christmas Tree perfect to keep any room smelling like Christmas or to give as gifts.

How to Make a Mini Pinecone Tree #kids #craft #christmas #pinecone

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