How to Make a Heatable Owl Softie

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

Nothing is cosier of an evening than cuddling an owl. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out for yourself how easy it is to make your own heatable and huggable softie, which also make great Christmas presents…

Skill Level : Intermediate

Time to Make : Three to three and a half hours

You Will Need
How To Make

1. Start by picking out some fun fabric and then iron it.

2. Download and print out the very special owl pattern.

Download the Pattern

Download owl sewing pattern »

3. Fold one of the fat quarters in half, place the pattern on the fold and pin.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

4. Cut around the pattern and then repeat with another fat quarter to make the front and back pieces.

5. Cut out the wing piece from the body pattern, pin on to the fabric and cut out two pieces. Turn the pattern over and cut out another piece to make three.

6. Pin the reversed wing to one of the other two, right sides together and sew around the edge. Leave a small gap of about an inch so that you can fill it with stuffing.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

7. Once you have sewn the wing, turn it right side out. Take a handful of stuffing and fill the wing so that it is firm but not rigid, otherwise our owl won’t be able to fly.

8. Next take the left over wing and match the edges of the owls side to the curve. Once you are happy with the alignment, sew along the one edge with a narrow seam allowance (approximately a quarter of an inch).

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

9. Take the pieces you are using to make the face, I have chosen two large circles of white fabric and a triangle of yellow. Place the pieces on the right side of the owl front and decide how they should be arranged.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

I have chosen to sew the face pieces on with my sewing machine, if you have too then read on. If not, you can use a glue gun or sew buttons – be creative!

10. Once you are happy with your chum’s visage, sew the eyes to the right side of the front using a medium length, wide zig-zag stitch.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

11. After you have sewn both eyes, place the beak and do the same stitch to attach.

12. I have used black buttons for pupils and machine sewed them on with yellow thread.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

13. Hopefully our new friend is starting to take shape! Pin the right sides of the front and back pieces together. Put the stuffed wing inside the owl, on the side opposite to the attached wing. Don’t forget to leave a gap in the bum for turning right side out.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

14. Stitch all around the outside edge with a straight stitch, I have used a half inch seam allowance.

15. Once you’re done sewing, turn the owl right side out.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

16. Isn’t it pretty? Shame it’s so flat.
Grab a handful of stuffing and (without looking into the eyes) proceed to stuff the owl.

That’s the nasty bit over with. Now you can sew the gap (bum) shut.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

17. For the lavender pouch, I’ve used an off cut of the wing fabric. Take two pieces and cut out a shape or a rectangle if you’re not feeling too fancy after the last step.

18. I’ve chosen to trace a heart, cut out the pieces and pin with right sides together. Sew around the edge, leaving a gap for the lavender.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

19. Turn the pouch right side out and fill with lavender.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

20. When you have filled your pouch, sew the gap closed. I have used a zig-zag stitch around the outside edge for added interest.

21. Ta-da! You have a new friend complete with calming lavender! The evenings will fly by and they are guaranteed to be a hoot.

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

how to make a heatable owl softie #sewing #fatquarter #project #owl

I hope you had fun making your new cuddle buddy, as always please do comment below if you have any questions.




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Comments and Discussion

  • nina

    Hi, thanks for the great idea. How do you recommend it is heated and how safe is it? Thank you

  • Andy Isaacs

    Hi Nina, sorry for the delay! I would recommend heating the lavender pouch in the microwave for around 15 seconds. The Softie isn’t able to be warmed up due to the type of filling used.
    As for safety, I’ve warmed up a few owl hearts without any issues, just keep an eye on it.
    Happy Owling!

  • Beth Vining

    Sorry to be completely dense but where does the pouch go?? Is it connected to the owl at all??

    • Andy Isaacs

      Hi Beth, the closed wing (on the left in the picture above step 17) makes a pocket for the pouch to sit in.

      Hope that helps. :)


  • Azzza

    It says that it’s a heatable and huggable, and I see below that it’s not, so what can I stuff it with to make it heatable? It’s a bit misleading

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