How to Make a Foam Aeroplane

How to Make a Foam Aeroplane

Pack more fun into summer with crafty ideas to keep your budding little makers busy. This how to make a foam aeroplane is a simple activity for the kids. Best of all, the materials you need to make it won’t bust the budget either. So grab some essentials, unleash your imagination and let’s get making!

How to Make a Foam Aeroplane

Time to make : 30 minutes, plus drying time.

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Start by covering one dolly peg and three craft sticks in red paint
  2. When the paint’s dry, make the wings by gluing the sticks onto the dolly peg
  3. Cut four small pieces of chenille stems and stick onto a square piece of foam to create the propellers
  4. Glue the propeller foam to the top of the peg
  5. Cut a triangle of foam and glue onto the back, and once it’s dry you’re ready to fly!

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