How to Knit a Snowman Beanie Hat

How to Knit a Snowman Beanie #TextSanta #Snowman
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Mark Heyes, from ITV’s Lorraine, has designed five festive hats for Text Santa – and we helped to bring them to life, here’s how to knit your very own simple Snowman beanie!

How to Knit a Snowman Beanie Hat

To start you’ll need:

  • White / Cream Beanie hat
  • 50 g ball Orange Wool OR pre-made orange pom-pom
  • Large rough-edged black jewellery pendants OR small and large black buttons.
  • Black embroidery thread for attaching the buttons or tacky glue as an alternative.
  • Crewel needle.
  • Wool needle
  • 4 cm diameter pom-pom ring.

How to Make:

  1. Make up an orange pom-pom for the nose. Keep the wool length long that you have used to wrap around the pom-pom when making it into a pom-pom shape.
  2. Position the pom-pom in the centre front of the hat. Place the two long ends of wool (which you wrapped around  the centre of the pom-pom to make it into a pom-pom)  into a wool needle and place these ends through the hat and tie together to hold in position. Alternatively glue the pom-poms into position.
  3. Position two large black buttons just above the nose and use three strands of the embroidery thread to secure into position. Place several small buttons underneath the nose to form a smiling mouth. Secure in the same way as the eyes. Alternatively use tacky glue to glue the buttons into position.

If this hat is for a young child, then make sure the buttons are secure to prevent a choking hazard.

Text Santa is an important part of ITV’s Corporate Responsibility programme, using its reach to millions of people to help inspire, engage and empower viewers to make a difference. The organisation does not make any profit from the appeal and is proud that, with investment from ITV and support from Text Santa’s partners and supporters, 100 percent of donations made by viewers go directly to the charities Text Santa supports.

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