How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers #WaferPaper

Edible flowers made from delicate wafer paper (or rice paper) have seen a huge surge in popularity in cake decorating this year – and is tipped to stay strong as a trend for 2015. With this in mind (and as our beautiful Tattered Lace dies have now been certified as food safe!), here I to show you how to die cut rice paper flowers using a die cutting machine. You can use these pretty flowers on almost any bake – from cupcakes (as shown) to adding some unique and edible wedding details to your cake on the big day; the only limit is your imagination!…

A little note : Although Tattered Lace has been certified as food safe, if your cutting plates are not, you will need to cover them first with a layer of greaseproof paper.

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Step One

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step One #WaferPaper

Select which die(s) you would like to cut and place blade side up onto your base plate.

Step Two

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Two #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

Cut a piece of wafer paper that is slightly larger than the die and place it over the top. Remember that you can cut multiple dies at once to save time.

Step Three

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Three #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

If your cutting plates are not food safe, fold a layer of greaseproof baking paper in half and place onto the cutting plate. Place the die over the top, then the wafer paper and the other half of the greaseproof over the top and cut. This will also provide an extra layer to help support the wafer paper when removing from the die.

Step Four

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Four #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

When in position, place your cutting plate over the top and feed both plates through your die cutting machine, keeping the plates flat to ensure the dies don’t move around inside.

Step Five

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Five #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

Remove the top plate and peel the wafer paper away from the die.

Step Six

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Six #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

Remove any of the smaller pieces from the intricate dies by carefully peeling away using your finger or a pin.

Step Seven

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Seven #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

If using a flower die, you can make them 3D by cutting in between two of the petals from the edge to the centre

Step Eight

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Eight #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

Apply a thin layer of edible glue to a petal on one side of the cut, then bring the other petal across and place on top of the glue.

Step Nine

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Nine #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

Hold your petals together for a couple of seconds to apply for the glue to set. Place to one side and leave to dry.
You can also layer up flowers in different sizes and designs to create further dimension.

Step Ten

How to Die Cut Rice Paper Flowers Step Ten #WaferPaper #RicePaper #TatteredLace

You can attach your paper shape to your cake using a range of mediums including edible glue, royal icing or buttercream. You can attach embellishments to your die shapes to add extra detail such as dragees.

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  • Graham Ayre

    My wife and I craft a lot with our little ones as well as making these personalised paper cuttings for friends and family. We have never had the idea of using rice paper to make them edible however. Such a simple yet effective idea : ) The kids are going to love thinking of designs for mummy to cut out : )

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