How to Bullet Journal

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

You may have heard the term ‘bullet journal’ bandied around lately, but it’s often a grey area when it comes to explaining what it actually is. Our colleague, Hayley Collins, did some investigating, and here’s her beginners guide to this confusing concept – don’t worry, it will clear everything up!

Written by Hayley Collins.

What’s Bullet Journaling?

Bullet Journaling uses a bullet point structure to keep on top of all your tasks in the past, present and future. It’s designed to be quick, easy to manage and creative!

Why Bullet Journal?

Your bullet journal is a diary, planner and a to-do list. It gives you a complete birds-eye view of your daily tasks, work commitments, social life and long-term goals. Your journal will keep you focused on what’s important and ensures you make the most of your time.

How to Bullet Journal

Your bullet journal will be split out into four sections:

1. Index – Set this up at the start of your journal. You’ll use this as a reference to each page you set up throughout your journal.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

2. Future Log – Use a double page spread and split up into 6 sections. This will be your log for the next 6 months containing tasks, appointments and events. Fill in the month at the top of each section. This can also be used for a yearlong calendar.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

3. Monthly Log – Using a double page spread again, the left hand side will be your monthly calendar and the right hand side will be your task list for the month.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

4. Daily Log – This will act like your diary. Set up each day as you go after the monthly log and focus on important tasks for the day.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

Remember: Every page in your journal gets a number which you’ll copy over into your index to keep track of all your sections.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

At the end of each month, set up the next one. Scan your daily and monthly log for any uncompleted tasks and cross out the ones you’ve finished. Remember to ask yourself if these uncompleted tasks are still worth your time? If so, copy them over. If you anything can wait a few months, use your future log to keep track of these tasks.

The pages at the back of your journal will be your creativity hub. Keep lists for craft projects, books to read, shopping lists, online orders, travel list, vision boards and brainstorming. Set up and mould your journal to what’s best for you. Introduce colour, stickers, gems, washi tape, pull outs or anything else you fancy!

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

Bullet Journaling Hacks

1. When adding tasks into any sections, use this key to split them out:
• Bullet point = Tasks
• Circles = Events
• Dash = Notes
• Asterisk = Anything important!

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

2. Colour code your journal with gel pens or stickers to pull out work, social, family, chores etc. Turn this into a flip out key so you can easily access no matter what page you’re on.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

3. Use washi tape on the outside of the page to mark important pages.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

4. Get yourself a bookmark or two. That way you’ll easily be able to access main sections such as daily and monthly.

5. Sticky notes are great for reusing pages. Say you want to brainstorm ideas for your next craft project? Use a selection of sticky notes to offload all your ideas. Once you’ve picked your favourite. Remove the sticky notes ready for your next brainstorm.

How to Bullet Journal #bullet #journal #papercraft #diary

There are lots of inspirational ways to set up your journal. Get your starter kit » from the Hobbycraft website and set up yours now.

Happy Bullet Journaling!

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  • Sarah Bowman

    I do think you could have included a link to the original Bullet Journal site where the creator of bullet journalling, Ryder Carroll explains the system in more detail. It’s really helpful to watch Ryder’s video before starting your bullet Journal.

  • Kerry Mason

    Love it but hate to say that 28 comes after 27 on the days of the week pages lol xx

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