Frosted Candle Jars

  • Create a mask from scrap paper. This will be for the area remaining unfrosted on the jar. Craft punches make good paper masks.
  • Lightly spray the mask with adhesive and smooth into place on the jar. Follow the can instructions to ‘etch’ the glass using the glass etch spray.
  • Once the spray has dried, carefully remove the mask to reveal the unfrosted areas.
  • If desired add a handle to the jar using jewellery wire. Cut a length of wire to fit around the neck of the jar with some extra for loops. Position two twisted loops so that they will be opposite each other and twist the ends to secure to the jar. Trim off excess wire. Cut another length of wire for the handle. Thread each end through a loop and twist to secure.
  • Use a tealight inside your finished candle jar.
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