February Make of the Month Winners

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Congratulations to Jaya Navindgi!

In February we had 146 entries for Hobbycraft Make of the Month Competition! Thank you for all of the amazing projects that we received.

Stephanie Weightman

Stephanie Weightman

Jaya Navindgi was our deserved winner this month with their amazing clay flowers and birds creation. Celebrity crafter and guest judge, Stephanie Weightman, commented that :

I absolutely love this make of the month! I’ve picked this as it displays a great deal of skill working with clay and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Well done Jaya Navindgi!”.

Here’s what the winner told us about their make :

“I’m always inspired with flowers and birds … So just tried to make this with two different clays. I hope that you love it…”

February Make of the Month Winners 2014

Be inspired by all of the winners for February below, or check out the full February Gallery.


Winner Clay Flowers and Birds

I’m always inspired with flowers and birds … So just tried to make this with two different clays. I hope that you love it… By Jaya Navindgi

Upcyled Ribbon Lampshade

I got a lampshade from my local charity shop and sewed ribbons around the outside such a quick make but looks awesome on my desk. From Carina Cordina

Multimedia Beach Hut Picture

I love having lots of projects on the go but this one is my most recent finished project so I will tell you about this one. First of all, I love all things nature – based. This is an idea for my mum’s birthday present this year. I thought because she loves things to do with the seaside and the beach, I included a picture of some beach huts from Southwold as my mum loves going there on days out. I then would place the picture as the backing image and place a few shells that we have collected over the years in this “”shadow box””. I thought it lent itself perfectly to this idea. All I did was simply place the shells on the image first and made sure it would fit with the shells in the box frame. I then glued the shells down onto the image with big blobs of PVA glue and let it set. As for the frame design, I previously got into Polymer Clay which is an oven – based clay which goes hard when you place it in the oven after you’ve moulded it into the state you want. For this project, I wanted to create an abstract pattern using the clay around the edge of the frame. I hope you like! :) x By Anna Howell

Grandparents Cross Stitch

The people I miss most in my life are my grandparents, so, as a birthday present for my mother, I decided to commemorate them in cross stitch form. It took a solid two months and a lot of confetti stitching but I finally got it done. By Emma Slaughter

Fabric Decoupage Dog

I have never tried anything other than painting or cross stitch and I saw the dog in the store and just feel in love I saw a completed teddy bear done and just thought id try knowing im not as tidy as the person who did the bear – wow !! after a very upsetting time and moving from doing normal care work to caring for advanced dementia I needed something to focus on outside work to help me shut down and relax and the dog gave me a perfect way to cope with everything and a sense of a achievement when I finished him I went thro our old button box and found a button which have sentimental value and I’m happy it has a new home on my dogs collar By Gemma Micklewright

Sculpted Dragon Cake

Having only recently developed an interest in cake decorating, this was my first ever attempt at sculpting with cake and it was made for my youngest sons 9th birthday. The Dragon is made from lemon madeira cake, drizzled with limo cello syrup, covered and filled with lemon buttercream and then covered in fondant. I enjoyed making this cake so much that a few weeks later I set up my own cake decorating business – Bindweed Bakery! By Kie Spate

Crochet Giraffes

I am fast developing a love for crochet and recently found a pattern for a very cute striped giraffe. I chose rough giraffe colours of oranges and browns and set about trying to make him. I’m the end, it took me just one rainy Sunday to get him finished! I loved him so much that I started to make a friend for him (in less conventional shades of blues!) and even managed to tweak the pattern a little without it all going horribly wrong!! From Michelle Yarwood

Crochet Comforter Blanket

A nice, bright comforter to cheer everyone up on gloomy days! It’s made from individual hexagons joined together to make a blanket big enough to keep my little boy cosy, but small enough for him to carry around wherever he goes. From Samantha Ward

Cloudy with Meatballs 2 Barry - Berry

My daughter loves all the children’s films in the cinema each month. We both enjoyed Cloudy with Meatballs 2 together and as soon as we saw Barry Berry we both feel in love with him. He was so much fun to make and he is so cute. X From Maria Jeannette

Button Tree Canvas

I had a canvas left over and wanted to make something for my hall way, something personal for me and my family. I decided on a button tree :) its so bright and colourful and really brings my hallway to life! I love the fact that as soon as walk through the door its there! From Erin Jones

Butterflies in Acrylic

I absolutely love butterflies. There are lots of beautiful gardens and woodlands in Cornwall that inspired me. I used acrylic paint to colour in the butterflies and flowers after drawing them out in my sketchbook. More paintings can be found at www.artbydani.co.uk From Danielle Hollas


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