Fabulous Fabric Die Cutting

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One of the hottest trends in homeware for 2014 is patchwork and quilting. When times were hard, such as during America’s Great Depression in the 1930s, patchwork and quilting surged in popularity and today these crafts are tapping into the current economic climate.

Patchwork evolved as a thrift craft when new fabrics were scarce and expensive, so it’s right on trend with today’s ethos of recycling,” says designer and crafter Cath Kidston.

“It simply involves sewing together pieces of fabric to create a larger design, a technique which encompasses everything from hand-stitching dozens of tiny silk diamonds to running up an over-sized tablecloth from vintage tea towels.”

Homemade quilts are satisfying to create and beautiful to own. Making them is a fun way to brighten up spaces and, with a dizzying array of colours, accessories and designs, you can make a quilt for yourself or as a beautiful handmade gift. So, if you’re already a keen patchworker, or like the idea of it, why not make the process slightly easier and try die cutting your fabrics?…

Perfect Patchwork

With a die cutting machine and fabric dies you can cut out your quilting fabric the clever way. It’s a great technique to repeatedly cut out identical shapes – Reducing time spent with your tape measure and preventing mistakes. So, you’ll be left with more time to stitch your quilt together!

Fabric Die Cutting Inspiration

Now’s the time to get stitching…


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