Embossed Postcard

  • You can emboss using either rubber or clear stamps. If you are using a clear stamp, peel away your chosen stamp design from its backing sheet, and fix onto an acrylic stamping block.
  • Ink up the stamp using an ink pad, and press firmly onto the surface of your card.
  • While the ink is still wet, sprinkle on some embossing powder, making sure the design is completely covered.
  • Shake off the excess powder from the card. This can go back into the pot to be reused.
  • Heat the surface of the card using a Heat Tool. Make sure you do this well away from any flammable materials, and that the heat tool is kept at least 5cm away from the surface of the card.
  • After a few seconds, the embossing powder will start to melt. Once the powder has fully melted, switch off the heat tool and leave it in a safe place to cool down.
  • When the embossed card has cooled down, admire your finished work! The embossed design will have all the detail of the stamp, but with a raised, glittery surface.
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