Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #mache #diywedding

Our blog, Little Button Diaries, recently celebrated its first birthday, so we held a little garden party. Along with the copious amounts of cupcakes we baked, we wanted to make a summery decoration to fit the occasion.

This simple and cheap mache centrepiece is great for displaying at birthday parties, as we did, but you could use the paper mache letters to spell out names or phrases, which could be great for a wedding or anniversary. The flowers are silk so the number can form a permanent display without wilting!

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece

You Will Need

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #diy #diywedding #mache

Step One

Begin by carefully cutting off the front of the number using your craft knife along the edge. Peel the front off and remove the inside cardboard.

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #diy #diywedding #mache

Step Two

Place the number on the floral foam and draw around it. Cut the foam using a craft knife, so that it fits snugly inside the number.

Step Three

Glue the foam into the bottom of the card, and then trim its height to match the height of the number.

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #diy #diywedding #mache

Step Four

If you have a particular colour scheme for your party, you can paint the number. As ours was an outdoor party we left it unpainted because it is a neutral colour.

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #diy #diywedding #mache

Step Five

Once the glue (and paint if you’re using any) is dry, you can begin arranging your flowers. Cut the flowers off at the stems leaving enough stem to poke into the foam. Once you have filled up your number and are happy with the arrangement, take a photograph. You can then remove small sections of the flowers and glue them back into place, using your photograph as a guide.

Step Seven

Once the glue is dried, it’s ready to display.

Easy Floral Number Mache Centrepiece #diy #diywedding #mache

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~ Tia & Laura xx ~

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