Easi-Peasy Yogurt

EasiYo Yogurt Maker Starter Kit
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EasiYo Yogurt Making

Yogurt making is something that has intrigued me for a while however I’ve never really been quite won over. It’s always seemed like a lot of effort for something I can pick up on my weekly shop at the supermarket and get something that will a) probably taste better than anything I could ever make and b) requires minimal effort on my part as there’s no time spent making it or washing equipment up.

When I heard about the EasiYo Yogurt Maker I was a little skeptical at first, I wasn’t quite convinced by the powdered yogurt base culture that you need to use to make the yogurt. Surely it must contain a host of bad for you E-numbers and preservatives and additives?

After reading up on the product it turned out to be the complete opposite, it’s made from all natural ingredients, contains no preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers or artificial ingredients, what more could you ask for? Plus the pouches also come with the added benefit of being unsweetened so that you can sweeten it as much, or as little as you like, with whatever you like, be it sugar, honey or with an EasiYo fruit squirt pouch.

With all this in mind, and a promise to myself that 2014 will be a healthier year with substantially less chocolate eaten, I decided to take the plunge and try out the maker for myself, and I can happily say that I’ve been converted!

The whole process is really quick and easy to do. Once the mixture is inside the yogurt maker you just leave the cultures to work their magic for 8 to 12 hours and at the end you have amazing tasting yogurt!


 How to Use

  1. Half fill the yogurt jar with cool drinking water.
  2. Pour in all of the sachet and any additional sweetener that you want to add in. If using sugar this will need to be dissolved before it is added.
  3. Stir the mixture. I did this by using a spoon, but you can screw the lid onto the yogurt jar and shake it.
  4. Top up the jar to the top with cool drinking water, replace the lid and shake again.
  5. Place the red baffle into the yogurt maker and fill with boiling water to the top of the baffle.
  6. Place the jar into the yogurt maker on top of the baffle.
  7. Put the lid on the yogurt maker and leave for 8-12 hours or overnight until set. If the yogurt has not set, place the jar back into the yogurt maker and leave for up to 24 hours.
  8. Store the yogurt jar in the fridge and eat within 2 weeks of making.


I used the great recipe book that came in the Starter Pack which is full of tasty recipes. I made the chocolate cake (page 52), and sprinkled on some white chocolate shavings for an extra indulgent treat which went down very well, the sponge was lovely and moist and the frosting delicious. I also made the macaroni and cheese (page 25), which was equally tasty. I’ve ear marked for my next batch of yogurt some very tasty looking smoothies (page 12), and a lemon syrup cake (page 55).



I also discovered that there are more tasty recipes on the EasiYo website which I will definitely be bookmarking for future reference!


Happy yogurt making!


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