DIY Moustache Mugs

Moustache Mug

Have an hour to spare? Then have a go at making one of these quick and easy moustache mugs by Hannah Read-Baldrey.

This fun make is a great one to do with the kids. These moustache mugs can be personalised with your own ‘moustache’ and are really easy to make. Do a whole range of different shapes and sizes of moustache – they’ll look great grouped together on a tea tray and make a great Father’s Day gift!

DIY Moustache Mugs

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour plus drying time

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Draw out a moustache shape onto paper and cut out, this will be your template.
  2. Simply draw your moustache shape on the mugs using the ceramic pen.
  3. Allow the paint to dry overnight before you use the mugs.

Moustache mugs

Hints and tips

  • Ceramic paint may need baking in the oven, so check instructions.
  • Why not cut out cardboard moustaches in different colours and fix to guests’ drinking straws for fun party drinks?

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