DIY Kirstie Allsopp Stamp Stationery Kit

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I have a pile of rubber stamps in my craft room (most unused but they’re just pretty to look at!) so when I saw there was a new Kirstie Allsopp Stamp Stationery Kit, containing everything you need to get started in stamping, I couldn’t resist trying it out. . .

Kirstie Allsopp Stamp Stationery Kit

In the Box

  • Seven wooden rubber stamps
  • One black pigment ink pad
  • 20 soft white 5 x 5 inch card blanks
  • 20 soft white square envelopes
  • 20 white card strips
  • 3D foam squares
  • Clear adhesive stones

You’ll Also Need

  • Scissors
  • Any other pigment pad colours that you may want
  • Any decorative papers that you might like
  • Adhesive

How to Stamp Successfully

  1. With the rubber stamp in one hand and the pigment pad in the other lightly press the pad onto the stamp until the raised surface is completely covered.
  2. Position your stamp (inked side down) where you would like the imprint to be.
  3. Apply the stamp to the paper and apply even firm  pressure over the entire stamp (try to move the stamp as little as possible as this will cause the design to smudge).
  4. Carefully remove the stamp and leave to dry.

I am completely obsessed with glitter card at the moment and couldn’t resist incorporating it somewhere in my designs along with some pretty scraps of paper that I found in my paper drawer. I used a variety of coloured pigment stamps along with the black one that is included with the kit.

I used the white 5 x 5 inch card blanks included in the kit as a base and applied my chosen papers on top of this and then decorated the envelope for the cards in the same papers used on the card.

Hints and Tips

Whenever I make cards I tend to use double sided tape to stick papers down rather than a wet glue as sometimes this can cause the paper or card to wrinkle if too much is applied or the colour on the paper to bleed. Using double sided tape also has the added benefit of no drying time, so you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry before getting on with the next bit of your design.

Watch the Video Tutorial on Card Making using the Stamp Stationery Kit

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