DIY Glitter Tea Light Holders

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With just coloured glitter, something to cover and a little Modge Podge, you can make these beautiful glitter tea light holders to give as a gift, or keep for yourself.

DIY Glitter Tealight Holders

What you need

How to Make

  1. Choose a design. Think about where you want the glitter on your glasses and what colour glitter you want to use.
  2. Cover all areas of your glasses where you do not want glue or glitter with masking tape. This will protect them and keep your design from spreading.
  3. Mix your chosen glitter and some glue into a bowl. Make sure you add lots of glitter. It may feel like you have added too much but it really is the more the better!
  4. The next step is to gently cover your chosen area with the glue and glitter mixture using a paintbrush.
  5. When you have completely covered the area with the glue you can add extra glitter by carefully shaking it evenly from the glitter shaker. This gives a more even coverage.
  6. Leave the glue to dry. This could take several hours.
  7. When the glue has dried spray the glitter covered area with hairspray to seal. Take care not to get hairspray on the lenses of the glasses.

Top tip! Don’t wait for the glue to dry before removing the masking tape, the glue may come away with the tape. Very carefully remove the tape wiping away any excess glue with the edge of a piece of card.

Whetted your appetite? There is lots more glitter inspiration on our Pinterest page.

DIY Glitter Ideas I Love

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