Diamond Babygrow

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Diamond Baby Grow Pattern (PDF, 80 kb)

Legs: (make two identical)

  1. With col A and correct size needle, cast on 50 sts.
  2. Work three rows as follows:
    1. Row 1: (rs) p
    2. Row 2: k
    3. Row 3: p
  3. Starting with a p (ws) row, work in stocking stitch until leg measures 4cm finishing with a ws row.
  4. Increase one stitch at beg and end of next row as follows:
    1. K2, inc 1 (by picking up and knitting into the back of the loop between the next 2 sts)
    2. k until there are 2 sts left on needle, inc 1
    3. k2
    4. P 1 row
  5. Repeat these two rows once more.
  6. Join both legs together as follows:
    1. K across 54 sts of one leg, inc 1 st at end of first leg
    2. then k across 54 sts of second leg (109 sts)
  7. This is now described as the main body.

Main body:

  1. Work 7 rows st st (end with p row)
  2. Place first pattern row as follows:
    1. K48,
    2. work 13 sts of pattern,
    3. k48
  3. Continue to work straight with pattern as set until row 59 of chart is complete.
  4. Prepare for armhole, continuing to work pattern from 60th row as set:
    1. Next row: p22, k9, p47, k9, p22
    2. Next row: k21, p11, k45, p11, k21
    3. Next row: p20, k3,cast off 7sts knitwise, k3, p43, k3, cast off 7sts knitwise, k3, p20.
  5. There are now three sections, which should be worked separately, keeping pattern to front as set, and 3sts in reverse st st at both sides of armhole edges throughout.

Left Back:

  1. Row 1: p2 tog, p2, k19
  2. Row 2: p18, k3
  3. Row 3: p2tog, p2, k17
  4. Row 4: p17, k3
  5. Row 5: p2tog, p2, k16
  6. Continue on these 19 sts keeping 3sts reverse stocking stitch at armhole edge for 8 more rows.
  7. Cast off 7st at centre back edge, and one at same edge on next alternate row.
  8. For back neck and shoulder edges, knit across sts from holder, pick up evenly and knit 8 sts down back neck a
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