Decorative Button Heart

1750_Decorative Button Heart_1_170
  • Cut a 1.5 metre length of wire and fold in half, pinching the middle point (this will give an indication of where the base of the heart is).
  • Start threading on the buttons from the central point, starting on one side and then completing the other. To thread the buttons onto the wire, start by first going up through a single hole, then position the button on the wire. Thread the wire down through the second hole (this will be opposite if a two hole button and diagonally across if a four hole button).
  • Wrap the wire 360 degrees around the back of the button to secure it in place.
  • Continue to thread the rest of the buttons on in the same manner until you are happy with the size of the heart.
  • After you have threaded on all of the buttons bend the wire into a heart shape, tying the two ends together at the top central point of the heart, twisting the wire to secure in place.
  • Cut off any excess wire using pliers.
  • Tie the ribbon or thread onto the top of the heart and knot ready to hang.
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