Crochet for Beginners: Part One

Crochet for Beginners
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Crochet for Beginners

Learning to crochet has been a long term aim of mine – with several (very) unsuccessful attempts. I’ve been challenged to learn to crochet for the New Year, and hopefully pull a guide together that is simple and clear to follow!

I’ve broken the stitches down into separate posts, so that the imagery is clear and shouldn’t give you too much information.

A note before I start:

When you’re learning to crochet (indeed whatever you’re learning), don’t be disheartened if you make a mistake. Whilst starting to learn, I made several mistakes interpreting some crochet patterns – you can either go with it and see what you end up with (several coasters for me) or unravel your yarn and start again!

What you’ll need:

You’re going to need a crochet hook and some yarn that is suitable for the size hook you’ve chosen.
I used:

The reason I used a fabric yarn was because when I first tried learning to crochet, I had trouble seeing where each stitch was if the yarn frayed – whereas the fabric yarn doesn’t! A light colour also helps to identify stitches when starting off.

Getting Started, Chain Stitches:

  1. First things first – you’ll need to make a slip knot
  2. Create a ‘loop’ with the yarn
  3. Placing the long end of the yarn under your loop, pull this through the loop and gently pull on the loose end of yarn to tighten the loop. Don’t pull too hard or your slip knot will disappear!
  4. Next you need to put the slip knot on your hook as shown in the image gallery
  5. All crochet work starts with a chain – the amount of stitches on the chain varies dependant on the pattern.
    1. Holding the Hook in whichever hand you’re more comfortable with, wrap the yarn around the hook, holding the slip stitch with your other hand and pull the yarn through the loop on the hook. This is one chain (ch.)
      This is then repeated for however many stitches the pattern requires in the chain.
      Practice adding stitches to the chain until you’re comfortable with holding the hook and yarn and your chain is even and not too tight or too loose (too tight and you’ll struggle to work with the yarn, too loose and the yarn will slide off the hook.)
    2. I’ve chained 6 for the practice stitches we’ll go through below, but feel free to do more or less

Crochet for Beginners Continued…

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