The Cricut Explore Unboxing Challenge

Cricut Explore Unboxing Challenge #cricut #cricutexplore
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There’s excitement in the air, as the launch of the fantastic new Cricut Explore craft machine draws ever closer. You can use it to make all kinds of amazing things, and it even allows you to use your own digital images as cutting templates.

But how easy is it to get started with the Cricut Explore? We felt we had to put this to the test. Just how long would it take to go from a pristine, unopened box to our very first completed project? Armed with a stopwatch, a photographer and the nearest empty desk, we set out to discover the truth.

The Cricut Explore Unboxing Challenge

0:00 The Challenge Begins!

Upon swinging open the lid of the Cricut Explore we were greeted by two envelopes. One contained some kind of instructions leaflet, which we put down and ignored for the rest of the challenge. The other provided the materials for our first few projects: sheets of Duck Tape, black cardstock, vinyl and iron-on. We stopped to arrange them neatly on the desk.

1:16 The Cricut’s Out of the Bag

Unlike any other electronic item I can think of, the Cricut Explore arrives inside a draw-string canvas bag. Once again we stopped to marvel.

2:26 The Open Button

To understand the full impact of this moment, this video should be watched six times in a row.

3:34 Plugging In

After a minute or so of repeatedly watching the Cricut Explore machine glide open, we remembered we were supposed to be working against the clock and set about getting connected. There were two cables to plug in. One was a power cable, and the other went into the back of our computer. About as simple as can be!

5:11 Design Space

Five minutes into our challenge, it was time to activate the Cricut Design Space software. It took us a little while to get Design Space updated and ready to use, but it was easy enough to do so and we didn’t have any problems. To pass the time we took turns pressing the open button.

13:30 Starting to Make It

In Design Space we quickly found the project we were looking for – a rather nice Thank You card – and clicked the ‘make it now’ button on screen. Now it was time to prepare the machine for creating our first project. The silver pen was slotted into place next to the blade, and our black sheet of card lightly pressed down onto the cutting mat.

19:15 The Start Button

With the clock on fifteen minutes, there was a short delay while Design Space downloaded another update – making sure the machine itself was up to date. But within a few minutes we were ready for business. With the mat loaded and the dial set to ‘cardstock’, we pushed the start button and got ready to watch the machine work its magic.

We peeled back the mat from the finished piece of card, scraped off the cuttings that were left on the mat, and set up the second layer in Design Space. Three minutes later we were ready to go again…

24:00 The Second Layer

To complete the project, we needed to cut a second sheet of card to slot into the first one. Our envelope only seemed to contain two sheets of card, both the same colour… a quick rummage in a desk drawer produced a snazzy gold sheet to use instead.

We later discovered an extra sheet of blue card had been in the envelope all along… but we like the gold.

24:40 Final Assembly


Barely 25 minutes after breaking the seal on our brand new Cricut Explore machine, and already we had our completed card. And it was really easy!

In a series of upcoming posts, we’ll show you some more of the great things you can do with this machine.

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