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In my previous blog posts, I’ve shown you some of the great things that can be made with the Cricut Explore design-and-cut system and demonstrated how easy it is to get started straight out of the box. This week’s post is about just how versatile the machine is, and how you can create your own designs which can be used over and over for many different projects. To show you this, I need some help from a friend.

Meet Timmy

#CricutExplore #Cat #Birthday #Projects

This is Timmy. He’s been living with us for nearly three years, and it’s almost his birthday. Although I could have chosen him one of the many cat birthday cards available, I thought he would appreciate the effort if I made something special, just for him.

So, starting from the photo above, I used Photoshop to create a simplified, smoothed-out image that could be used as a cutting template. If you don’t want to use Photoshop, you could get equally good results by drawing an image by hand and scanning it in, or by using a program such as Microsoft Paint to create an outline from scratch.

#CricutExplore #Cat #Birthday #Projects

Once I had my simplified image, I added it to Cricut Design Space using the ‘upload image’ setting. at this stage I had a few more options for deleting parts of the image I did not want, and creating my final template.

To finish the birthday card design I then scanned in some handwritten text and uploaded it to Design Space in the same way.

I then set the machine to work, cutting my design into a sheet of orange card. After peeling away the cut sheet, sticking down some backing card, folding and trimming to shape, my card was done! It took less than an hour.

I know he will love it.

But there was no need to stop there! Now that I’ve created my Timmy template, it will stay in my Cricut Design Space account ready to be reused for other projects.

So I added a pennant image to the design, and set the machine to work drawing rows of little Timmys. I then threaded all of these together to create a lovely string of bunting for Timmy’s birthday party.

My next project was to make a commemorative vinyl decal for my phone. I set up a ‘smartphone’ canvas in Design Space. There are a huge range of  ‘canvas’ designs which help you to visualise your project and make sure everything is the right size.  Handling the cut vinyl was a little fiddly but I got there in the end! I think the results look great.

And finally… This upcycled pair of wellies with a rainbow Timmy, created using the sheet of Duck Tape that comes with the Explore. It should be great for scaring off the birds when I’m in the garden.
#CricutExplore #Cat #Birthday #Projects

I hope these projects have inspired you to create your own designs using the Cricut Explore. it’s really easy to do, and you can have a lot of fun reusing your designs for other projects.
#CricutExplore #Cat #Birthday #Projects

Happy Birthday Timmy!

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