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Master strokes
How to Make a Clay Paper Resist #clay #pottery #technique

How to Make a Clay Paper Resist

Clay is such a versatile material, and there’s much more to using it than simply making plain pots. Graphic Clay teaches you all about…

15 Ways to Paint Porcelain #ceramic #painting

15 Ways to Paint Porcelain

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to personalise your gifts for Christmas, why not give hand painted porcelain a try? Scour…

How to Draw Zentangle by Felicity French #Zentagle #Illustration

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns

It seems that colouring in isn’t just for little ones, beautifully intricate and ornate illustration coloring books for adults are rising in popularity, with…

How to Draw with Sharpies #Sharpies #WeAreBeard #Art

How to Draw with Sharpies

Got sunglasses? Bored of the plain facade that frame your face? Customise them! All it needs is; the want to do it and a vague idea…

How to Customise with Sharpie #Sharpie #ArtHow to Customise with Sharpie #Sharpie #Art

How to Customise with Sharpie Pens

In light of our new website and office rearrangement we have decided to get customising with some of our things in the office. We are…


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