How to Boodle a Darice Rose Crochet Bag

How to Boodle a Darice Rose Bag #crochet #boodels #howto #diy

This Darice Rose crochet bag is a great for taking out with you if your popping to the shops or the market to grab a few bits. You’ll have the bag made up in no time at all, because of the chunky nature of the Boodle’s yarn.

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How to Boodle a Darice Rose Crochet Bag

Abbreviations Used

Chain Stitch = ch
Slip Stitch = ss
Double Crochet = dc
Stitch(es) – st(s)

You will need

10 millimetre Bamboodle (Crochet hook)
4 Spools of Boodles (2 of each colour- although you only need approximately 1.5 spools per colour)
Pair of Boodles circular bamboo handles

Approximate size of finished project: 38cm x32cm

Getting Started – Body of the Bag

The bag is worked in rows and joined to the handle at the end of each row. It produces a long rectangle with a handle attached at each end, which when folded in half forms vertical stripes. A simple slip stitch is used to join the sides creating a roomy, and striking bag.

Foundation Row – The bag is worked in rows so turn your work after each row. Start with a slipknot 15 centimetre from the end of your yarn. Fold the loop over one of the bag handles, hock and pull it back through (picture 1). Chain 55 (picture 2). Fold the loop around the other end, hook and pull through as before (picture 3).

How to Boodle a Darice Rose Bag #crochet #boodels #howto #diy

Row 1 – Dc into each st of the chain. (54 sts)

Row 2 – Wrap the loop around the handle as before, now work a row of 54 dc into the backloops of the previous row (picture 4). Join a new colour before pulling the yarn through the two loops of the very last dc st. Do not cut the old colour as this will be picked up at the next colour change. Make sure you leave your yarn end to the back of this row (the wrong side).

Row 3 – Wrap the loop around the handle as before. Work 54 dc into the backloops of the previous row.

Row 4 – Repeat row 2. Picking up the previous yarn colour before finishing the last dc st.

Rows 5 to 34 – Repeat rows 3 and 4 fifteen more times giving a total of 17 coloured stripes. Do not change colour at the end of row 34.

Row 35 – Dc into bath leaps of each stitch to the end, fold the loop around the handle as before and cut off the boodles leaving a tail of around 15 centimetre and pull through to fasten. Weave in ends along the same coloured stitches.

Joining the sides

Fold in half lengthways ‘right sides’ together, the ‘wrong side’ (the side you made the colour changes on) will be outermost. Using the same colour as the end stripes, join the sides together with a row of slip stitches beginning at the fold (the base of the bag) and up two thirds of the side, leaving the top third open. Repeat with the other side of the bag. Cut yarn and weave in ends. Turn the bag right side out.

Due to the unique nature of Boodles Yarn, project results may vary as the width/texture of the yarn can differ!

When making projects we recommend you purchase all your needed yarn at the same time, as colour matching from different spooling productions cannot be guaranteed.

Not Sure How to Start Crocheting?

Good news! The Boodles website offer some great beginner videos on how to crochet. We highly suggest checking them out!

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