Birdie Applique Cushions

Birdie Applique Cushions #cushions #diy #birds

Transform a plain cushion with a simple but professional-looking applique design

Applique work is very on trend and can be applied to everything from T-shirts and bags to homewares. These bird applique cushions will turn a plain cushion into a real talking point and you can co-ordinate the colours to fit with your room.

Birdie Applique Cushions

Birdie Applique Cushions #cushions #diy #birds

Time to Make : Around three hours

Suitable for : Intermediates

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Take the cushion pad out of the cover. Next, cut out two twig patterns for the branches from the brown felt, using the image above as a guide.
  2. Pin the branches on the front of the cushion cover so one twig comes from each side with the base of the branch touching the side seam. Stitch in place using the brown thread, being careful not to sew the front and back together.
  3. Cut out the birds and their wings from the patterned fabric, using a different design for each bit. Pin the birds in place on the cushion. Using a tight, wide zigzag stitch, sew around the edges of the birds first, and then repeat with the wings.
  4. From the green felt, cut out four leaf shapes, and stitch into place on the branches. Press the cover, then put the cushion back inside.

Tips and Techniques

  • If you iron and starch the cushion before you sew it, you’ll get a much better shape.
  • While sewing, be careful not to sew the front and back together. Avoid this by making your own cushion or unpicking the side of a ready-made one.

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