Behind the Scenes! Christmas : Part 2

Behind the Scenes! Hobbycraft Christmas - Christmas Gift Wrapping #Christmas
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We’ve had Christmas 2014 on our minds since February, eagerly anticipating all of the pretty product we would be able to use, and the projects we would be able to make.

For the past few months I along with a team of very talented makers have been working our hand knitted socks off to come up with some great projects. But they wouldn’t of looked quite so pretty if we’d not had some great photography to match.

After a superb Q + A with Glenn at PhotoRed we wanted to get to know Eloisa (who makes everything look beautiful) a little bit better . . .

Behind the Scenes! Christmas : Part 2

Here’s what Eloisa had to tell us . . .

Q – What’s the best thing about working with Glenn?
A – Without wanting to sound extremely cheezy…its just great to able to work with your best friend every day! We know exactly what makes each other tick and I think that’s probably the most important thing when you work together as a creative team.

Hobbycraft 2014 Christmas Photoshoot #christmas

Teamwork – Glenn and Eloisa casting their eye over a recent image

Q – Where else can we find examples of your work?
A – We work for a whole range of different clients, from food photography to fashion…you can see some more examples of what we do on our website or follow us on twitter for updates on our weird and wonderful adventures @therealphotored.

Q – Give us a tour of your studio.
A – Well we’re based in an old boathouse down on a marina, we love the character of the place and its so nice to be right by the water. We need our studio to be very flexible as the projects we work on vary so much, so the main space is quite clear, ready to be transformed into whatever we need it to be. We’ve collected lots of bits over the years and enjoy to keep things a bit quirky and eclectic.

PhotoRed Exterior Shot #photoshoot

Outside in the sunshine at PhotoRed

Q – What’s a typical day for you?
A – Well one thing you can be sure of is that there’s absolutely no such thing as typical day at work for us! So far this week we’ve shot jewellery in our studio, made a winter woodland (complete with falling snow) for a Christmas tree shoot, been on location until 11pm shooting outdoor lights and today we’re shooting some more lovely products for you at Hobbycraft! I love the randomness of our business, it certainly keeps you on your toes!

Q – Tell us about you crafting passions.
A – Being busy with work, its sometimes difficult to find time to relax, but working with the team at Hobbycraft and seeing all the exciting projects you’ve got lined up for Christmas has re-kindled my love for craft! We are due to have our first baby later this year and inspired by what we’ve been shooting for you I decided to try my hand at needle felting – I’m absolutely loving it and am currently making animals for a mobile to go in the baby’s nursery!

Q – How did you help Hobbycraft to come up with the perfect Christmas concept?
A – Well the team at Hobbycraft came to us with lots of great ideas, its always nice to work a client who has so much vision and enthusiasm! Once we’d ironed out all the details and worked together to build a strong plan for how to achieve the look and feel for Hobbycraft Christmas 2014, it was just a case of bringing it all to life with the right backgrounds and room set scenarios to build little mini ‘stories’ for each different section.

Hobbycraft Christmas shoot 2014 #Christmas #baking

Lots of yummy bakes on set . . .

Q – How did you go about styling the Hobbycraft Christmas shoot?
A – Luckily the products were all so lovely to start with, it didn’t take much to get them looking fab in the photos. We kept the backgrounds and room sets simple and used contemporary colours in neutral tones and textures to allow the products to speak for themselves. Then it was just a case of adding props, lighting and bit and bobs here and there to make it all feel Christmassy!

Q – What process do you go through to style a room?
A – It varies from one project to the next, but I’d say the main thing I like to do is to create a little ‘story’. I imagine who might live there, what they’re doing etc and that helps me style the room in a way that feels realistic and homely. Then it’s a case of making sure things look balanced and that they read well in camera – its amazing how different a finished shot looks to what you actually see on set!

Q – Which were your favourite shots (from the Hobbycraft Shoot)?
A – That’s a really tricky one as I like so many in lots of different ways, but if I had to choose….well I love the baking story, especially the amazing cakes and the biscuit trees, but then I also love the stockings by the fireplace and the gorgeous wreaths, but my absolute favorite would have to be the big white tree we photographed by the chalkboard and giant Christmas list with Taylor our dog as a model looking hopefully up at his Christmas stocking!

White Tree and Taylor #Christmas #whitetree

Taylor being an excellent model with the help of some treats and words of direction from Eloisa

Q – Where do you find your inspiration?
A – I guess you can find it everywhere is you look hard enough, obviously Pintrest and magazines are good for some things, but something as simple as walking the dog in the Forest gives your brain time to re-charge and to think creatively about how to tackle the next project. My absolute favorite place to go if I’m feeling a bit lacking in creativity is a short trip over to Barcelona, we try to go once or twice a year as we both find it a really exciting place that changes all the time and never fails to give us inspiration in some way or another.

Q – Any hot style tips for Autumn and Winter?
A – My top style tip is to choose things you love and that make you happy. It doesn’t matter how perfectly co-ordinated your home looks, if it doesn’t reflect you, your family and the things you love, it will never feel like home. Just enjoy collecting things that mean something to you or that you connect with in some way then find a place to put them afterwards!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for lots more imagery from the Christmas shoot, as well as projects coming soon . . .

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