Little Button Diaries

Little Button Diaries is the crafting and baking blog from two Brighton-based friends. We are Laura and Tia, and we share a love for all things creative. In the last couple of years we have both given birth to little girls – Harper and Amelie – and we wanted to start a blog to document all the things we get up to together. We’re very lucky that we only live round the corner from one another and have, well, pretty much everything in common. If we’re not chatting away about our blog we love to find new things to bake, projects to make and photographs to take. It’s not easy finding the time to make stuff with little ones running around your feet, but we want to show that having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love, and that a lot can be achieved even in the space of a short nap! We’re not saying we are craft wizards, more ‘find a fault, make a feature’ kinda girls. We’re just doing the things we love because we love doing them and hope you will too!