Aisha Green

Hobbycraft Inspirational Content Marketing Assistant, I'm in love with all things craft, vintage and floral. I spend my spare time visiting craft fairs in the south on the look out for something that's a little bit different. When not out exploring by foot I'm on my bike riding around the country side or down by the beach.


Flower Wreath

Using the templates, cut out different sized flower shapes in different papers. Arrange the flowers in a ring shape then begin sticking together, overlapping…


Teacup Candles

First prepare the teacup. Cut a piece of wick about 5cm longer than the height of the cup, and tie it onto a skewer….


Paper Birdies

Using the template, cut out a bird shape from a piece of decorative paper. Next cut out a ‘wing’ in a contrasting paper and…


Cupcake Picks

Fold a piece of paper in half. Place a template on the paper and draw around lightly with a pencil and cut out. Trap…


Blossom Votives

Use the glass painter pens to decorate the surfaces of the glass votives with simple blossom designs. Once dry, fill with a tealight candle.


Bunny Bags

First seal an envelope. Then carefully cut along the top edge to create an open pocket. Take another envelope and cut out 2 bunny…


Spring Themed Masks

Using the template cut out a bright paper animal mask. Decorate the mask with scraps of bright paper, buttons, pom poms, feathers, ribbons and…


Painted Pots

Paint the base and rim of the pot with 2 coats of acrylic paint in contrasting pastel colours, leaving to dry between each coat….