Aisha Green

Hobbycraft Inspirational Content Marketing Assistant, I'm in love with all things craft, vintage and floral. I spend my spare time visiting craft fairs in the south on the look out for something that's a little bit different. When not out exploring by foot I'm on my bike riding around the country side or down by the beach.


For Mum Card

Ink the stamp with the bird design repeating it across the teal coloured paper and once dry trim to 135mm wide. Cut and fold…


Mum Card

Cut a ‘slip cover’ to fit over the pink card blank, crease and check fit trimming if necessary. Cut a section from the upper…


Hearts Frame

Use the template to cut nine heart shapes from the four shades of felt. Remove the white mountboard from the frame and glue a…



Cut the fabrics using the picture as a guide. Join the two larger pieces right sides together, then iron the seam flat. Stitch a…


Iced Butterfly Cookies

Bake cookies using your favourite recipe. Lightly grease your work surface and roll the kneaded coloured sugarpaste to a thickness of approximately 3-4mm. Using…