5 Totally Brilliant Knitting Patterns

Dust those knitting needles off and grab yourself a ball of wool or yarn, for today is National Knit in Public day!

Why not teach someone the wonder that is knitting, or maybe have a relaxing day out in the park with friends and swap hints, techniques and knitting stitches? We’ve got some great free knitting patterns to get you started if your new to the world of knitting, plus one or two for those who have been knitting for a bit longer . . .

5 Totally Brilliant Knitting Patterns

1. Wise Owl Phone Sock

Wise Owl Phone Sock from 20 to Make Knitted Phone Sox #owl #knittingpattern #diy

Pattern from Twenty to Make Knitted Phone Sox by Susan Cordes published by Search Press Ltd

2. Peace Lily

3. Beer Mug Hug

How to Knit a Beer Mug Hug #knitting #beer #diy

From Simply Knitting magazine, designed by Kirstie McLeod

4. Knit Your Own Bunting

How to Knit Your Own Bunting from The Knitter #bunting #knitting #theknitter

From The Knitter Magazine designed by Faye Perriam of Buttons and Beeswax

5. Knitted String of Birds


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