20 MORE Loom Band Ideas that Rock!

Loom Bands are the undisputed craze of the year for kids and tweens. It seems to be taking over houses up and down the UK this Summer – and isn’t set to end anytime soon. So, with that in mind, whether you’re a mum whose house is already in full swing of this loomy obsession, or just getting started on the road to rubber band glory, I’ve rounded up 20 MORE of the best loom band ideas on the web for your perusal. You can read my first post here : 20 Loom Band Ideas that Rock!

20 MORE Loom Band Ideas that Rock!

1. Pencil Hack

2. Pikachu

3. Crochet

4. Captain America

5. Queen Elsa

6. Chameleon

7. Balloons

8. Peace

9. Zebras

10. Pineapples

11. Bouncy Ball

12. Slingshot

13. Keychain

14. Pluto and Clifford

15. Butterflies

16. Peacock

17. Handwear

18. Southpark

19. Kermit

20. THIS Loom Band Party

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