15 Unusual Projects to Make with a Glue Gun

15 unusual projects to make with a glue gun #gluegun #craft #unusual

If you’ve got a glue gun sitting around at home that hasn’t been used for a while, take a look at these projects for some inspiration for easy projects. Hot glue doesn’t just have to be an adhesive! Remember to be careful when using your glue gun as the glue does get very hot and can burn your hands if you try to mould it too soon.

Party Time

DIY Masquerade Mask by Klaire de Lys

  number cake topper using hot glue gun and confetti

Confetti Cake Toppers by Aunt Peaches

harry potter wands using chopsticks and glue gun on handle

DIY Harry Potter Wands by Boxy Colonial 

glittered glue gun glue icicle headband tiara

Snow Queen Crown by Tikkido

Home Decor

coral branch made from wire covered in hot glue and paint

DIY Coral Decor by Ohoh Blog

framed glass panel saying I never knew love until i met you, using glue gun and paint

Glass and Glue Gun Art by Muslin and Merlot

spraypainted glue gun vases and bottles

Glue Gun Vases and Bottles by Home Heart Craft

DIY Spin Vase - vase covered in hot glue lines

Spin Vase Project by The Budget Decorator

A Bit of Bling

enamel style stud earrings using hot glue dots painted with coloured nail varnish

Painted Glue Dot Stud Earrings by Minted Strawberry

hot glue gun rings using glue, paint and rhinestones

Hot Glue Rings by Dream A Little Bigger



glue gun crayon art - couple standing in the rain

Melted Crayon Art using a Hot Glue Gun by Light and Spoon

Christmas is Coming

Snowflake Glue Gun Window Clings by GiddyUp Workshop

antler design christmas bauble in turquoise and copper

Glue Gun Antler Bauble by Magia Mia

Fun Footwear

diy black cat shoes using a glue gun to draw whiskers and eyes on the toes

DIY Black Cat Shoes by Wattlebird

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