15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Hampers are great for people who want to spend time and love putting together their gifts. Find all of your recipient’s favourite things and fill your hamper with a wonderful array of sights, sounds and smells that you know they’ll love.

The contents doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be anything from their favourite biscuits to a handmade toy. It’s a guaranteed winner on Christmas Day, and an easy way to get children involved in finding gifts for friends and family.  Pick and pack to your hearts content!

Sweet Treat

If you know someone who has a love for all things chocolate, then a chocolate making hamper is a great gift. Fill jars and cellophane bags with Candy Melts and edible toppings and then decorate with a few embellishments. You could even have a go at making your own chocolatey sweet treat to include in the hamper to keep them going during their own chocolate making session.

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Personal Touch

If your craft talents cover many bases, capitalise on this and fill your hampers with lots of lovely personal handmade items. If your recipient loves a certain colour or colour palette why not theme your hampers content around this?  Ice blues and silvers are a big trend this Christmas so I decided to create lots of different makes within this colour pallette for my hamper below.

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Hamper for Two

It can often be tricky when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for couples, do you buy them something individually? What if you spend more on one than the other? Well, why not gift a hamper for two? Problem solved! Simply fill with two of everything, two mice pies, two handmade crackers, two delicious hot chocolate lollipops to settle down with on Boxing day and so on . . . the list is endless!

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

The Night Before Christmas

By Christmas Eve the excitement for the big day has reached it’s peak, as every child up and down the country anticipates what Santa will be leaving under the tree.

This Christmas eve hamper is full of goodies to help keep the kids occupied and also help with the decorating too! There are some carrots for Santa’s Reindeer, a mince pie for the man himself, a few pre-Christmas sweet treats, and as a small gift to open Christmas eve night. If you’re struggling to find the perfect stocking, why not get the kids to make their own, simply grab a selection of craft essentials and a blank stocking base to make up a stocking craft pack.

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Label Love

Go for a trendy look with DIY crochet reindeer, star and Christmas tree tags, tied on with raffia. Afterwards, the recipient can use the crochet tags as Christmas decorations! Two gifts in one!

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

For Scandinavian style, stamp red designs onto tags and ribbon. You can use conventional Christmas stamps or alphabet stamps to make your messages more personal.

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Felt toppers and chalkboard gift tags tied with twine give hampers a rustic look.  Using the same toppers and tags throughout ties your gifts together as a set and shows the love and effort put into arranging and packing it all. Best of all, the tags and toppers can be re-used afterwards for other crafty projects!

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #craft

Delicious Drinks

There’s nothing better than a good brew on a cold winter’s day, so why not treat the tea-love in your family to a beautiful hamper, filled with delicious teas and a few sweet treats to enjoy at the same time. You could also do the same with different types of coffee or hot chocolate.

Foodie Fun

One for the Kids

Gift hampers aren’t just for adults, they’re a great gift for kids too!

Belle of the Ball

If you’re after a gift that’s a little bit different, why not try your hand at making your own toiletries, there are lots of different things you can make using things you may already have in the kitchen cupboard.

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